Why the Poppy Project?

PONTELAND Town Council  is anxious to provide more help for young people in the area.

The 2018 events to mark 100 years from the end of the First World War were far-reaching. And Ponteland held and supported a wide variety of events, with an emphasis on helping to ensure that young people were aware of this and other wars. A total of 64 men from Ponteland gave their lives in the two World Wars and men and women in the years since have continued to make sacrifices to protect the future of countless generations.

Ponteland councillors are concerned that now the commemorations are not filling the news media, those sacrifices are not forgotten. So they have created a scheme to help to remember the events of 1914-1918 and other wars by helping today’s generation of young people.

Ponteland Town Council is launching the Poppy Project to help to develop essential life skills to help young people in the parish area to become better citizens and to help individuals and groups within the community.It will give a grant of up to £250 towards the costs of a community project by people under the age of 21 or which will benefit people in this age group.


Do you want to help your community?

Are you a group of friends? A Scout of Guide group? Boys’ or Girls’ Brigade? Are you in a team or group working towards a Duke of Edinburgh award? A school with a special project? Any group of two or more can apply.

Whatever you’re doing, Ponteland Town Council can help with your costs as long as your project benefits people in the community or helps to develop skills in young people. So whether you are aged under 21 or you want to benefit young people under that age, you are encouraged to apply.

Possible projects could include:

Working towards Duke of Edinburgh award
Litter picking
Garden or art project at old people’s home
St John/Red Cross classes
Drugs education talk
Schools debating society
Local democracy workshop
Careers talks
Sports project
Choir special event
Charity event
Cookery class


What to do next

Contact Ponteland Town Council for an application form, email enquiries@ponteland-tc.gov.uk,  tel: 01661 825092


Or download an application form here Poppy Project Application Form