South Ward Councillor

Sue Johnson became a councillor in May 2013 and sits on the Planning and Environment committees.  She is also a member of the Footpath User Group, where a dozen residents have been trained on how to survey the public footpaths in the area with a view to ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Sue is a member of the Leisure Centre User Group.  As a regular user of the facilities she believes it is important that there is regular dialogue between the county council, management and the users to continuously improve the standard of facilities available.

Hearing about the village’s Green Belt being targeted from all sides by developers was one of the reasons she felt it was important to stand for Council.  Sue says she believes that the Green Belt and countryside should be protected for future generations and cares for the community that we live in.

Her employment background is in human resources and, specifically, learning and development and has found her skills and experience are proving to be a close fit and transferrable into the role of councillor.


Susan Johnson Declaration of Interests

Telephone: 01661 825092
Email: s.johnson@ponteland-tc.gov.uk