Councillor K Woodrow

West Ward Councillor

Katrina has lived in Ponteland since 1984, where she has raised her children and stepchildren, who are now grown up. She used to work as a volunteer for Radio Tyneside where she met her husband Ian in the early 80s.

She was originally trained and worked as a secretary, but after a long period of ill health trained to be a kinesiologist, as it was another kinesiologist who put her on the road to good health again. She specialises in digestive and chronic fatigue problems and is passionate about helping others with health problems from a nutritional point of view.

Her passion for sensible town planning and good architecture lead her to enjoy being a member of Darras Hall Estates Committee from 2003 to 2009, which she only gave up because of conflicting work commitments.

She has been proud to live in such a pleasant small town for over 30 years and wants to perpetuate its gentle atmosphere and surroundings for the generations to come and hopes being a member of the Planning Committee will help to achieve this.

The Green Belt can never be recreated once it has been lost and Katrina was horrified by the threat to the area from developers, who neither live here nor care about it in the same way as those who live in the Ponteland area. She and her husband used to live on Cheviot View and always enjoyed the open view over the fields to the south west.

The current infrastructure for health and education is already struggling to cope with those who need to use it now and the prospect of providing for thousands more seems ludicrous, consequently Katrina feels very protective about Ponteland and the surrounding area.

The appalling state of Ponteland and Darras Hall’s roads needs redressing and she hopes being a member of the Highways Committee will bear fruit in the form of pothole free roads.

Katrina Woodrow Declaration of Interest


Telephone: 01661 825092
Email: k.woodrow@ponteland-tc.gov.uk