In 1997, Ponteland Town Council began to make awards to individuals in the parish area who they felt went ‘the extra mile’ for the community.  Since then awards have been made to a wide range of individuals such as scout and guide leaders, former police officers, organisers of community events, work with local organisations etc.

The awards are made at the Annual Meeting of Town Electors held in April each year.  Recipients are presented with an engraved gift by the Mayor.

Some 27 awards have been made since the inception of the scheme in 1997.

Jane Hodson-Hamilton 2024

David Usher       2023

Leslie Dodd        2022

Derek Deans     2020-2021

Gordon Allan      2019

Ms Lucinda Porter  2018

Mr Bruce Grant    2017

Val & Peter Riley  2016

Rob Anderson   2015

David Cobb   2014

Andrew Morgan  2013

June Reed   2012

Margaret Stainsby  2011

Andy Anderson  2010

Ann Piper  2009

Jon Gray  2008

Father Vincent Melia  2007

Mr & Mrs R Walker  2006

Muriel Sobo  2005

June Colvin   2004

Rosemary Jackson  2003

Dick Dodsworth  2002

Mrs E White   2001

Marie Brydone   2000

Dr T Barlow  1999

Mr & Mrs Bennett  1998

Michael Taylor  1997