Ponteland Town Council appointed its first Mayor in 2009 when the then Parish Council became a Town Council. Since that date six Councillors have held the office of Mayor including the current post holder.

The Mayor is elected each year at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council held in May. A Deputy Mayor is also elected.

The Mayor makes a declaration of acceptance of office when accepting the nomination at the Annual Meeting.

The Mayor’s term of office is for one year (although they can be re-elected) and during this time they will continue to be a member of the Council but will preside over Council meetings.

The Mayor will also represent the Council at a range of events and activities. The role of Mayor does not confer any powers other than those relating to the Council meetings.

The Mayor is supported by the Deputy Mayor who will chair Council meetings or attend functions in their absence.

Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor have a chain of office which they would usually wear at Town Council meetings and when attending events or functions when required.