Tackling Weeds in Northumberland

“The County Council have informed PTC about improvements to the way weeds are tackled in towns and villages in the county and we want to ensure this message is conveyed to residents.


Weed spraying has previously been contracted out  however for this year NCC are employing additional staff to work across the county to ensure the in house teams have the capacity to undertake the work themselves.


Part of the investment in this programme includes adding a harmless blue dye to the treatment so that the public can see for themselves which areas have been treated.

The blue dye is completely harmless and will allow the teams to see exactly where they have sprayed, potentially reducing wastage and overuse of spray and ensuring that any areas that have been missed will be immediately apparent.


The equipment used to treat weeds in some road channels means that the blue dye cannot be added but in areas where road meets pavement there will be a white residue instead of a blue one.


The dye itself is water soluble, does not affect the environment and also breaks down in the sun so it will not be visible for more than the 10 to 14 days it takes to kill the weeds.

If you have any queries about this approach please contact Northumberland County Council on 0345 600 6400 and ask for the Neighbourhood Services Team”.


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