A-Z list of services

Christmas lights on Coates Green 2013

Christmas lights on Coates Green 2013

The following list highlights the main services provided by the Town Council.

Based at Prestwick. Applications to be placed on the waiting list are to be sent to the council.

Bus shelters
The council provides and maintains bus shelters.

The Town Council has been responsible for Prestwick Cemetery since April 1 2013. The County Council has been retained to manage the cemetery on an agency agreement for 2013-14.

Christmas lights
The lights are provided on Main Street and Broadway by the council.

Dog waste bins
The council provides dog waste bins and also an emptying service.

Floral displays
Planting and maintenance of flower beds and floral displays in Ponteland and Darras Hall is provided by the council, which won a Gold Award in Northumbria in Bloom in 2012 and 2013.

Grass cutting
The Town Council carries out limited grass cutting in the centre of Ponteland on Coates Green and at the Pele Tower. Northumberland County Council provides all other grass cutting services in the area.

Gritting of main paved areas around Ponteland town centre and Broadway, Darras Hall is carried out by the Town Council. Gritting of all roads is the responsibility of Northumberland County Council.

Litter bins
The Town Council provides litter bins which are emptied by Northumberland County Council.

Notice boards
The council manages six notices boards around the Parish at North Road and Merton Hall in Ponteland, Broadway in Darras Hall, Prestwick, Medburn and Milbourne.

Play areas
There are three play areas at Callerton Lane, Twizell Place and Guardians Court checked daily by council contractors.

The Town Council is a statutory consultee and receives copies of all Northumberland County Council planning applications for the area. These are considered by a Planning Committee which meets once every two weeks.

Ponteland Park
The park is owned and maintained by the council.

Public conveniences
The council maintains the conveniences located at Thornhill Road car park by Merton Way shopping centre.

Pele Tower
This historic landmark is a listed building owned and maintained by the council.

Seats and benches in public places including Ponteland Park are maintained by the council.

Village Greens
Coates Green in Ponteland is owned and maintained by the council.

Water Gauge

Please click on the link for Callerton Lane water gauge Water Gauge