Ponteland Walks and Footpaths

A Walk in the Park by Robin Ramsay MBE


park map 2 park map2 Ponteland Park name4 Main Park Entrance from Main Street5 Notice Board and Welcome to the Park6 Path leading towards Waitrose Bridge7 Looking up stream along the River Pont from Waitrose Bridge8 Path leading towards the Darras Road underpass beside the Memorial Hall9 A view across the Park from Darras Road10 Walking towards the second footbridge11 Crossing the second footbridge12 Safely across and heading for the wild meadow13 Arriving at the Wild Meadow14 Flowers of the Wild Meadow15 More flowers of the Wild Meadow16 Starting the walk down to the River Wall and Fox Covert Lane17 Walking down Towards the River18 Arriving at Fox Covert Lane Bridge and the River Wall19 Leaving the Park at Fox Covert Lane20 Re entering the Park at Oxbow Lake21 Taking the steps down to the dipping platform22 The dipping platform23 Crossing the Oxbow  Meadow24 Taking a rest on one of the many seats in the Park25 Or perhaps resting by the River26 Across the Millenium Bridge on the way home27 A last look at the Wild Meadow28 Meander along  back to the second foot bridge29 Maybe a rest at Tony's corner30 Looking towars the shallows near the first Fottbridge31 A last Look back towards the Nowhere Path32 Arriving back at Darras Road Bridge33 Walking back towards Waitrose Bridge




Ponteland has a series of 6 Walks in the Parish. Click on the links below to see the relevant walk and location.

NCC Footpaths Map


Ponteland Parish Walks

The Village and the Park

Walk 1

Callerton Lane to Airport

Walk 2

The Diamond Inn to Prestwick

Walk 3

Memorial Hall to Dissington Bridge

Walk 4

The Diamond Inn to Kirkley

Walk 5

Medburn to Highlander Inn

Walk 6

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