Ponteland Rotary Club Duck Race 2015


A beautiful day for a Duck Race and a fantastic turn out. Thank you Ponteland Rotary Club for another fantastic event.

In the Photographs are:-

Brooke Watkins from Heddon aged 5

Anna Rober Fischer from Ponteland aged 7

Helen Pearse who came 3rd in the Adult Duck Race from the Young Farmers

Mr and Mrs Atkinson and Amelia Atkinson wno is 6 from Ponteland who named the Bear Billy

Molly Storer aged 10 from Ponteland who is starting the Boat Race as she won it last year – she then went on to win it this year too.

Amelia Atkinson who came 2nd in the Boat Race and Brooke Donaldson aged 8 from Ponteland who came 3rd in the Boat Race.

Photographs by Pat Walker at the http://www.theimagefarm.org/
Ducks-53 Ducks-41 Ducks-31 Ducks-21 Ducks-65 Ducks-40 Ducks-30 Ducks-20 Ducks-64 Ducks-52 Ducks-51 Ducks-4 Ducks-3 Ducks-2 Ducks-9 Ducks-63 Ducks-50 Ducks-39 Ducks-29 Ducks-10 Ducks-8 Ducks-61 Ducks-5 Ducks-37 Ducks-28 Ducks-11 Ducks-70 Ducks-60 Ducks-49 Ducks-36 Ducks-27 Ducks-12 Ducks-7 Ducks-59 Ducks-48 Ducks-35 Ducks-25 Ducks-13 Ducks-17 Ducks-69 Ducks-58 Ducks-34 Ducks-24 Ducks-14 Ducks-18 Ducks-68 Ducks-57 Ducks-46 Ducks-45 Ducks-33 Ducks-23 Ducks-15 Ducks-1 Ducks-67 Ducks-55 Ducks-44 Ducks-32 Ducks-22 Ducks-16 Ducks-66




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