Ponteland Flood Defence Repair Works

The Environment Agency are starting repair works to flood defences in Ponteland on the 12 September 2016.

They have contracted AMCO to carry out repairs to flood defences in Ponteland which will permanently restore the standard of protection offered to properties seen prior to the winter 15/16 flooding.

Repair work starting in Ponteland in September includes:

 Repair of an approximately 20metre section of erosion beneath the flood wall, downstream of the  Callerton pumping station. This work is being carried out to stabilise the flood wall.

 Repair of a second section of erosion upstream of the Callerton pumping station.

 Replacement of metal flap valves with HDPE low maintenance flap valves upstream of the footbridge.

The work is expected to be completed by end of September 2016.

There will be a temporary footpath diversion on Callerton Lane at times during the work and the EA apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Installation of a new backup generator at Callerton Lane Pumping Station has already been completed, to improve resilience to flooding in the area. This work was also carried out by AMCO.

For any further questions or queries relating to the repair works, please contact Simon Eadington at simon.eadington@environment-agency.gov.uk



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