Planning Minutes 7th Feb 17



7th February 2017

Present: Councillor Mrs S Johnson (in the Chair), Councillors A Varley, Mrs E Thompson,

Mrs L Noble and Mrs C Caisley


Apologies for absence were received from Mrs C Greenwell




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


1.1       Application No: 16/04743/VARYCO

Location: Plants Plus, Berwick Hill, Seaton Burn, NE13 6BU

Proposal: Variation of conditions 1 (approved plans), 2 (floor area) and 3 (floor area) from application 15/01911/VARYCO (Variations of conditions 1 (goods for sale), 2 (proportion of retails sales), 4 (level on imported plants), 6 (areas for retail to general public) and 14 (outside storage/display of goods) of planning permission 01/D/12J and discharge of Section 106 obligation).


Comment :- The Committee feels the discharge of Section 106 obligation is outside our remit as a consultee.


1.2       Application No: 16/04730/FUL

Location: Higham Dykes Hall, Higham Dykes, Milbourne, NE20 0DH

Proposal: Proposed new gates and pillars to West Road entrance, proposed kerb side marker lighting and courtyard lighting. Proposed removal of existing gates and bollards, proposed re-location of existing trapezoidal stone blocks on new flat stone and granite set kerbing.


Comment: The committee is of the opinion that this application as been approved and note the previous application was a Listed building consent.



1.3       Application No: 17/00199/FUL

Location: Land North of Burnlea, The Avenue, Medburn NE20 0JD

Proposal: Proposed erection of one dwelling and attached double garage


Note to SJ Chair this is not green belt.


1.4       Application No: 17/00105/AGTRES

Location: East barn Site, Stamfordham Road, Throckley, Northumberland

Proposal: Prior application for the change of use from agriculture to residential and associated building works


Objection : The application site lies within the designated Green Belt and the open countryside where, under both national and local policy, new dwellings are inappropriate development. Residential development on this site is therefore contrary to the NPPF and Local Plan Policies C17 and H16.  The very special circumstances necessary to overcome the presumption against inappropriate development in the Green Belt have not been demonstrated.




1.5       Application No: 17/00231/FUL

Location: 3 Wentworth Court, Darras hall, Ponteland, NE20 9PR

Proposal: Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of new dormer


Comment: The committee note neighbours concerns and objections to the loss of light and their concerns that this new dwelling will set a precedence for future developments.


1.6       Application No: 16/02028/FUL

Location: 49 Runnymede Road, Ponteland NE20 9HG

Proposal: Amendments to demolition of existing dwelling and construction of proposed new single family dwelling house plus garage, associated driveway, revised road access and front boundary treatment.


Objection: The height, size and relocation of this new dwelling will have a large impact on surrounding neighbours and will breach their privacy inside and outside their homes. This huge development will also have a overbearing impact on the street scene.


The Committee made no comments about the other 11 applications considered.




2.1       DECISION: 16/04337/FUL, 149 Western Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9LY, Proposed 2 storey rear extension and new garage.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 23rd January 2016.

The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.2       DECISION: 16/04103/FUL, Birney Lodge, Stamfordham Road, Throckley, NE15 9RB, Construction of new ground floor extension to form enlarged Kitchen and Dining Spaces with additional Family Room, Store and Utility Accommodation; construction of new first floor extension to provide additional dressing room and en-suite facilities.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 23rd January 2016.

The Committee had made no comment about this application


2.3       DECISION : 16/04339/LBC, Higham Dykes Hall, Higham Dykes, Milbourne, NE20 0DH, Listed Building Consent: Construction of extension to the east elevation of the house, within the existing courtyard area, providing an open plan kitchen, dining and living space. Alterations to the ground and first floor to the east wing incorporating redundant flat back within the house. Alterations to ground floor to improve the layout and use of the existing spaces, providing a back entrance area, with bootroom, laundry, w.c and playroom. Alterations to first floor providing access into the existing flat, and alterations to provide improved bedrooms and bathroom facilities at first floor level. Alterations to the existing master suite to provide dressing room. Installation of a new bathroom within existing bedroom to provide bathroom facilities closer to the bedrooms at the west end of the house.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 27th Jan  2016

The Committee deferred this to the correct authorities.


2.4       DECI SION: 16/04437/FUL, Runnymede House, 48 Runnymede Road, DarraS Hall, NE20 9HG, Single Storey rear family room/living room/kitchen extension with flat roof and balconies, single storey side/rear extension to provide covered link to existing garage and new swimming pool with changing room, shower room and plant room

Permission granted under delegated powers on 27th Jan  2016

The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.5       DECISION: 16/04472/FUL, 101 Thornhill Road, Ponteland, NE20 9UE, Proposed First Floor Extension over garage and new porch.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 27th Jan  2016

The Committee had made no comment about this application.




2.6       DECISION: 16/01417/FUL, 204 Western Way Darras Hall NE20 9ND, Proposed replacement dwelling.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 31st Jan 2016

The Committee had made no comment about this application.





3.1       Purchase Microsoft Office for Planning Laptop.



DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 21st February 2017


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