Planning Minutes 25th July 2017



25th July 2017

Present: Councillor Mrs S Johnson (in the Chair), Mrs K Woodrow, Mr S Ahmed and Karen Overbury.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors:  Councillor Mrs C Caisley and Councillor Mr Thomas Edwards-Clay.




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


Application No : 17/01472/COU Location: The Vergers Cottage, Main Street, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 9NR. Proposal: Change of use from office to cafe and external works (As amended 3/7/17)


Mr Dingwall resident of Peal House made a presentation on this application.


Comment :- The Planning Committee requests assurances that there will be no encroachment onto Ponteland Town Council boundaries. The Committee is also strongly supportive of the Public protection objection and share their concerns regarding noise and odours. We also note the number of objections from residents and empathize with their concerns.


Application No : 17/02321/FUL Location: Plot 1 Harrison Hall, The Avenue, Medburn, Northumberland. Proposal: Proposed construction of a new detached dwelling and detached garage


OBJECTION: *The proposal is contrary to Policy MBH2 of the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan as the site is neither brownfield nor infill and is not within the curtilage of existing properties. The construction of these dwellings on agricultural land would constitute new housing development on greenfield land in a part of Medburn where only infill development on brownfield sites is permitted. * Medburn is a small settlement without any services, only a limited bus service and poor paths for cyclists and pedestrians. Such development in this location would have a detrimental impact on the agricultural/rural and undeveloped character present in this part of the settlement, contrary to Policy H15 of the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan. * The development would also have an adverse impact on the C345 which is a narrow country lane and the only access road.


Application No : 17/02410/FUL Location: 52 Woodside NE20 9JB,Proposal: Existing Conservatory converted into garden room


OBJECTION: The Planning Committee would like clarification that this application should be retrospective planning and not full. The planning committee would also like to object to the loss of privacy into the neighbours garden and strongly recommend obscure glass be placed into the North facing windows.


Application No : 17/02425/FUL Location: Land South East Colcoats Ponteland. Proposal: Demolition of agricultural building and erection of new dwelling.


Councillor Karen Overbury declared an interest on this application.


Objection: The committee wish to object to the application on the grounds that The construction of new buildings is inappropriate in Green Belt according to NPPF para 89. There are exceptions to this however none are applicable to this application


The Committee made no comments about the other 2 applications considered.




2.1       DECISION:  17 /01732 /FUL, 49 Runnymede Road, Darras Hall Ponteland, NE20 9HG.

Proposed: Variation of Condition 2 (approved) of approved application 16/02028/FUL amending the layout of the dwelling to be a mirror image of the approved plans


Permission granted under delegated powers on 11th July 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.2       DECISION: 17/02123/VARYCO , Land North West of Clickemin Farmhouse, Clickemin, Ponteland. Proposed: Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of approved planning permission 16/04474/FUL


Permission granted under delegated powers on 12th July 2017. The Committee had made an objection



  1. i) The planning committee are concerned that the garage location on the plans 16/00474/ful contravenes the “Permitted Development” of Section 57 of the Town and Country Planning Act. The garage location is in front of and straddles the building line.
  2. ii) The two addition windows and glass balcony on the North elevation will directly overlook the small hamlet of neighbours to the North and compromise their privacy extensively.

iii)        The general cross section plan l(2-) 47 is inconsistent and doesn’t include the dormer windows.


2.3       DECISION:  17/01757 /FUL, 47 Woodside, Ponteland, NE20 9JB. Proposed: Proposed lounge and garage extension ;new roof with velux window at rear; new gates and extended driveway.


Permission granted under delegated powers on 17th July 2017. The Committee had made a comment about this application.


Comment: The committee would like to comment that they note the concerns of the neighbours regarding their loss of light.


2.4       DECISION:  17/01612 /FUL, 4 West Road, Ponteland, NE20. Proposed: Change of use of 2 West Road from business use to domestic residential use, refurbishment works at 4 West Road, combining of 2 and 4 to form a single domestic residence and formation of new dormers to rear of properties and demolition of outbuilding


Permission granted under delegated powers on 17th July 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 8th August 2017


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