Planning Minutes 12th June 2018



12th June  2018

Present:  Councillor Mrs C Caisley (in the Chair), Mr S Ahmed, Mr A Varley, and Mrs K Overbury.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Councillor Mrs S Johnson, Mrs K Woodrow and Mr Thomas Edwards-Clay.




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


Application No: 18/01768/FUL

Location: 116 Edge Hill, Darras Hall, Ponteland, Ne20 9JQ

Proposal: Proposed ground floor extension and new roof to form first floor bedrooms and bathrooms (same ridge height as existing roof)

Comment: The Planning Committee would like the neighbours comments and concerns noted.


Application No: 18/01822/FUL

Location: Middle Coldcoates Farm, Milbourne, Northumberland, NE20 0DG

Proposal: Proposed conversion of barn to provide education and welfare facilities for day farm visits, demolition of adjoining pole barn, formation of replacement highway access to A696 and closure of existing highway access.

Councillor Overbury declared an interest on this application and Mayor Alan Varley attended for this application decision.

Objection: The application site lies within the designated Green Belt and the open countryside which under both national and local policy is an inappropriate development.


Application No: 18/01457/OUT

Location: Land South East of 111 Runnymede Road, Darras Hall

Proposal: Outline application for 1 no new residential dwelling (some matters reserved including access)

Objection: The Planning Committee object to this proposal as is it contrary to Policy PNP 13: Biodiversity. In particular protecting The Great Crested Newts and Bats as identified in the Northumberland Biodiversity Action Plan. This is a great concern to the Committee as it is illegal to kill, injure or disturb a great crested newt or damage, destroy or obstruct access to its place of rest or shelter as per the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Habitat Regulations 2010. This same act also represents the protection of Bats, they and their roosts should not be disturbed.

The Committee believe that both theses protected species are present at the proposed land for development.

This development is also contrary to the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan policy H11 Tandem and Back Land Development. 


Application No: 16/04672/OUTES

Location: Land North and West of Darras hall, Limestone Lane, Ponteland

Proposal: A ‘hybrid’ planning application seeking: a) Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved for an exemplar Garden Village comprising up to 2,000 dwellings and space/facilities for employment, commercial, agricultural and leisure uses, and associated infrastructure; and b) Full planning permission for: i. Strategic Flood alleviation measures; and ii. Demolition of a small number of buildings.

This application has been deferred to the next meeting.


The Committee made no comments about the other 8 applications considered.

Councillor Overbury and Varley declared an interest on application 18/01884/VARYCO 1 & 2 Smithy Cottages, Milbourne. Councillor Greenwell viewed this application along with Cllr’s Ahmed and Caisley and a “No Comment” was agreed.




2.1       DECISION:  18/00447/FUL, 4 The Close, Darras Hall, Ponteland, NE20. Proposed demolition of existing two storey domestic property, and construction of new in place of two storey dwelling.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 24th May 2018. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.2       DECISION:  18/01498/FUL, 2 Moor Lane, Darras Hall, Ponteland, NE20 9AD. Proposed erection of a porch, conversion, of flat roof terrace and patio doors our from garage.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 30th May 2018. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.3       DECISION:  18/00975/REM, Land South East of Harrison Hall, The Avenue, Ponteland, NE20. Proposed Reserved matters application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of proposed new detached dwelling and detached double garage on approved planning application 17/02770/OUT

Permission granted under delegated powers on 7th June 2018. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.4       DECISION:  18/01306/FUL, 16 Collingwood Crescent, Darras Hall, Ponteland, NE20 9DZ. Proposed two storey extension.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 7th June 2018. The Committee had made no comment about this application.



2.5       DECISION:  18/00997/FUL, 18 Willow Place, Darras Hall, Ponteland, NE20 9RL. Proposed ground floor extension to rear of property, and to front to create integral garage, creation of additional storey above existing property and demolition of existing detached double garage.


Permission granted under delegated powers on 5th June 2018. The Committee had made an objection about this application.

Objection: The Planning Committee objects to this application and reciprocates the points within the objections from the neighbours and stresses that this proposal is not supported by the Committee in line with Policy PNP2 of the Neighbour Plan, especially the density, Height, size and scale of this build and is not in keeping with surrounding properties. This is a quiet cul-de-sac of Bungalows and The Committee feel this would set a precedent for further developments.




3.1       18/01101/SN Street naming of 5 dwellings at Land West of Dyke House, Medburn. Proposed Addresses.

Plot 1 = Little Acorns, 6 North Carol Wood, Medburn, NE20 0JD

Plot 2 = Great Fettle, 2 North Carol Wood, Medburn, NE20 0JD

Plot 3 = Rose Oaks, 1 North Carol Wood, Medburn, NE20 0JD

Plot 4 = Copperfield, 3 North Carol Wood, Medburn, NE20 0JD

Plot 5 = Nightingales, 4 North Carol Wood, Medburn, NE20 0JD


The Planning Committee made no comment about this proposal.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  26th June 2018


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