Planning Meeting Minutes 28th June 2016



28th JUNE 2016

Present: Councillors A Varley (in the Chair), , Mrs E Thompson,

Mrs L Noble and Mrs C Caisley.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Councillor Mrs S Johnson and Mrs C Greenwell




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


1.1       Application No: 16/01912/FUL

Location: Auberne Callerton Lane Ponteland Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 9EG

Proposal: Demolition of the existing two storey dormer dwelling house and erection of a new two storey dwelling house with associated parking and garage.


Comment :- The Committee is happy to see this development being brought back to life but it is to be noted the concern for a flood risk assessment.


1.2       Application No: 16/00860/FUL Location: Land North East of Green Rigg Medburn amendment addition information

Proposal: installation of 6 underground LPG tanks, siting of electricity substation and revision to house types.


Objection :- We are very disappointed and perturbed that the housing numbers proposed in the previous outline permissions have been greatly increased; by 50%.

The proposal is contrary to Policy MBH2 of the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan as the site is neither brownfield nor infill and is not within the curtilage of existing properties.

The construction of 50 dwellings on agricultural land would constitute new housing development on greenfield land in a part of Medburn where only infill development on brownfield sites is permitted.

The construction of 50 dwellings in this location would have a detrimental impact on the agricultural/rural and undeveloped character present in this part of the settlement, contrary to Policy H15 of the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan.

The house style and road layout create a new estate format whose appearance is out of character with the rest of Medburn, which has an uneven pattern of residential development in the rural setting.

The proposed house heights are in excess of previous applications and conditions. We are concerned about the lack of endings to many roads, which would seem to facilitate further development creeping into adjacent greenfield, rural/agricultural open areas.

Medburn is a small settlement without any services, only a limited bus service and poor paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

The construction of 50 more dwellings in addition to the recently approved construction of at least 23 new dwellings would have an overwhelming and adverse impact on this small settlement and the C345, which is a narrow country lane and the only access road.



The Committee made no comments about the other 4 applications considered.


Agenda Application Correspondence

A letter had been received from NCC regarding 16/00860/FUL Land, North East of Green Rigg, Medburn. The Town Council had been invited to speak at the strategic Planning Committee Meeting on 5th July 2016 regarding the above application.


The Town Council had made an objection about the proposal but no Members were available to speak at the meeting.



Other Application Correspondence


A letter had been received from NCC regarding 16/01417/OUT. 204 Western Way, Darras Hall. Proposed replacement dwelling (8.5m ridge height) It is noted that the only change to the application is Page 1 of the form. The application not excludes the appearance. The front proposed elevation is indicative only.




2.1       DECISION GRANTED 16th June 16. 16/00841/OUT Land North of Harrison Hall, Medburn. Outline application for residential development of 6 detached dwellings. We made an OBJECTION 5/4/16


2.2       DECISION GRANTED 20th June 16. 16/01450/VARYCO. Garden House 13 Rowan Drive. Variation of condition 2 and 9 Approved plans and garage. 174/042345FUL. We made a Comment 17/5/16


2.3       DECISION GRANTED 20th June 16.16/01437/FUL Plot 7 Hayworth croft, The Avenue, Medburn. Proposed detached dwelling.  We made no Comment.


2.4       DECISION GRANTED 20th June 16. 16/00760/FUL 136 Edge Hill Darras Hall. Proposed rear extension to form kitchen and family room We made no Comment.


2.5       DECISION GRANTED 14th June 16. 16/01503NONMAT 119 Runnymede Road. Non- material amendment relating to planning permission. 12/00210/FUL. We made no Comment.





3.1       IT requirements is ongoing.


3.2       A decision on the maps is ongoing.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 12th July 2016


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