Planning Meeting Agenda 12/7/16




TUESDAY 12 July 2016  AT 10 A.M.




Councillors Mrs S Johnson, A Varley, Mrs E Thompson, Mrs L Noble,

Mrs C Caisley and Mrs C Greenwell




Caroline Thompson





7 July 2016


  1. Planning Applications, Ancillary Applications and Tree Preservation Orders
  2. Decisions of Applications and Appeals; Withdrawn Applications
  3. Any other business1. PLANNING APPLICATIONS:


Application No: 16/02059/FUL

Location: 13 Parklands Darras Hall Ponteland NE20 9LL

Proposal: Proposed reduction in ridge height of main roof due to reduction in pitch of front roof slope; new pitched roof to rear dormer window; new render finish to all elevations

Applicant: Mr David Brookes

Reply Date: 15/7/16


Application No: 16/02061/FUL

Location: 209 Darras Road Darras Hall Ponteland NE20 9AF

Proposal: Demolition of existing garage with new tandem garage built to east side of house, new front boundary hedge and widened driveway access and conversion of existing bungalow into two storey house with upper extension

Applicant: Mr Paul Debbage

Reply Date: 15/7/16


Application No: 16/02065/FUL

Location: 39 Eland Edge, Ponteland NE20 9AY

Proposal: Side extension to first floor..

Applicant: Mr Christopher Coffey

Reply Date: 21/7/16


Application No: 16/02169/FUL

Location: 133 Eastern Way, NE20 9RH

Proposal: Proposed Construction of Bay Window to side elevation.

Applicant: Mr Blakey

Reply Date: 25/7/16


Application No: 16/0216/FUL

Location: 21 Woodlands Darras Hall NE20 9EU

Proposal: Proposed Family room extension and ground floor bedroom.

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Cairns

Reply Date: 26/7/16


  1. Decisions:


2.1       DECISION 16/00968/VARYCO 9 Belle Villas, NE20 9BD Variation of condition 7 (Opening delivery hours) Appeal reference APP/P2935/A/12/2169537/NWF Refused application 11/02297/FUL. Objected 19/4/16 * Commercial competition is not a material consideration.  * No other similar eating establishment in Ponteland is open after midnight  * There is no designated car park and patrons either park indiscriminately around the area or are dropped off and collected by taxi; causing considerable disturbance not only in the near vicinity of the site but also in the surrounding residential neighbourhood.  * The Appeal Inspector stated that the application for development should be considered in respect of four issues, one of which was whether the scheme would seriously impair the residential amenities of nearby residents.  The outside seating area was removed from the application to partly address this issue but the applicant reneged on this condition and only gained retrospective permission after it was constructed, contrary to the Inspector’s intentions.  Consequently, the amenity of nearby residents has been impaired already and complaints have been made.  * The extension of opening hours into the early hours of the morning is inappropriate and would create unacceptable disturbance around the area, particularly for nearby residents. Granted 30/6/16


2.2       DECISION 16/01796/FUL 106 Darras Road Ne20 9PG. Single Storey extension to side and extend existing garage forwards and dormer extension on roof to rear. No comment 14/6/16. Granted 30/6/16


2.3       DECISION 16/01390/FUL 82 Runnymede Road, NE20 9HH, Proposed refurbishment and extension of existing dwelling. Comment 17/5/16 The proposal for a rendered wall at the front gates is out of keeping with the street scene; the Committee would prefer that this wall be left as brickwork to compliment surrounding properties and maintain the more natural appearance of the frontage. Granted 24/6/16


2.4       DECISION 16/01550/FUL 12a Darras Road, NE20 9PA. Single Storey extension. No comment 31/5/16. Granted 27/6/16


2.5       DECISION 16/01656/FUL 6 Ashcroft, NE20 0BF. Proposed extension/sunroom to rear of the house/ No Comment 14/6/16. Granted 4/7/16


2.6       DECISION 16/01408/FUL 213 Middle Drive NE20 9LU. Construction of private dwelling house. No Comment 31/5/16. Granted 4/7/16


2.7       2.7       DECISION 16/01599/FUL 144 Edge Hill, Ne20 9JN. Proposed extensions to form larger garage, dining room and sun-room; Removal of garage flat roof and replace with pitched roof. No Comment 31/5/16 . Granted 5/7/16




  1. Any other business:


Disposal of old plans.


Derelict buildings.


IT Requirements.


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