Planning Meeting 14th November 2017



14th November 2017

Present:  Councillor Mrs S Johnson (in the Chair), Mrs K Woodrow, Karen Overbury and Mr Thomas Edwards-Clay


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Mrs C Caisley and Mr S Ahmed.




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


Application No: 17/03729/CCD

Location: Ponteland Leisure Centre, Callerton Lane, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE20 9EG.

Proposal: Proposal for demolition of the existing leisure centre and construction of new build primary school, secondary school and leisure centre with associated parking, infrastructure and playing fields.

The Committee made a comment about this proposal:- Ponteland Town Council welcomes the application as it is a significant investment for the community which is much needed and the Town Council looks forward to working with NCC in relation to this proposal and hopes there can be regular communication with regard to the points listed below. The Council does however have some general concerns which it hopes can be examined further: 1. The Town Council seeks assurances that the Greenbelt land where the current school is built will not be developed after the school has moved. 2. In relation to Policy 24 of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan, it is stated in the plan that “green spaces should be protected from loss to development unless a) the loss would be replaced by equivalent or better provision, in terms of quantity and quality, in a suitable location and in an agreed timescale or an excess of provision in quantitative and qualitative terms is clearly demonstrated”. The Town Council seek assurances that adequate provision has been made or will be made as part of these proposals. 3. Number of sports pitches – PTC seeks an assurance be given that the provision of sports pitches is adequate and is the same or more than the current facilities. 4a. PTC notes the production of the logistics plan. There is concern at the removal of boundary hedging and the Town Council would request that NCC can re-visit what it chooses to remove and re-plant and tries to minimise that wherever possible considering Policy 12 of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan that deals with green approaches. In particular, would it be possible to erect the timber fence intended as the site boundary without removing the hedging on Callerton Lane. 4b Also, there are concerns about the play area which will be unavailable whilst construction is carried out. A request has already been made to NCC to see if a temporary provision can be provided whilst the work is ongoing. Policy 22 of the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan refers. 5 Ponteland skate park – the Council has agreed not to replace the skate park due to past and current anti-social behaviour issues and because the proposed new location would be nearer to residential properties. PTC has asked if NCC could provide an alternative provision elsewhere in the area for youth activity. It is recognised that there appears to be sufficient provision within the application for multi-use games areas however PTC would wish to leave this proposal with NCC with a view to possibly re-visiting this at a later stage if there is found to be a required need that could be a suitable replacement for the skate park. 6. Ponteland Middle School land – The Town Council seeks reassurance that the proposals will not impact on Middle School land.




Application No : 17/03844/FUL

Location: 12 Moor Lane, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9AD

Proposal: Proposed ground and first floor extension to rear and first floor extension to side and over existing attic habitable space: new covered entrance porch and rear loggia: refurbishment of external facades and new front boundary treatment/entrance gates; new resin driveway; sympathetic landscaping to rear garden and new summerhouse.

The Committee made a comment about this proposal: –The Committee note the objection from the neighbour and share their concerns regarding the balcony that will cause overlooking and the subsequent loss of privacy to the rear of the property at 10 Moor Lane.



Application No: 17/03957/FUL

Location: 147 Middle Drive, Darras Hall, NE20 9DT

Proposal: Proposed extensions

The Committee made an objection about this proposal:- The Committee would like to object to the balconies at both the rear and front of this development. The overlooking and subsequent loss of privacy to a number of houses on Woodside is concerning and if this proposal should be granted it will impact on a number of residences.



The Committee made no comments about the other 5 applications considered.




2.1       DECISION:  17/02884/FUL, 3 Chester Close,  Ponteland, NE20 9AG. Proposed (Amended 18/10/17) Conversion and extension to all elevations of a three-bedroom bungalow into a two storey, four-bedroom dwelling including: a new site access point, main entrance porchway and rear balcony.


Permission granted under delegated powers on 3rd November 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.



2.2       DECISION:  17/03204/FUL, 6 Thornhill Road, Ponteland, NE20 9QA. Proposed Extension to dwelling to provide extra first floor bedroom & ground floor granny flat accommodation


Permission granted under delegated powers on 6th November 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




2.3       DECISION:  17/02553/VARYCO, Darras Hall Primary School, Ponteland, NE20 9PP. Proposed Variation of condition 1 (approved Plans/Reports) pursuant to planning application 16/04291/CCD – Site plan amended to realign the main entrance to avoid existing telegraph pole.


Permission granted under delegated powers on 3rd November 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.



2.4       DECISION:  17/03401/FUL, 109 Darras Road Ponteland, NE20 9PQ.

Resubmission of applications 17/00143/FUL – Proposed extension of rear dormer and increased ridge height to front projecting gable on principle elevation


Permission granted under delegated powers on 9th Nov 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.



2.5       DECISION:  17/03301/LBC Higham Dykes Hall, Milbourne, NE200DH. Proposed Listed Building Consent – construction of rear porch and electricity cabinet on site of demolished stairwell; excavation and tanking of basement to provide dry storage area


Permission granted under delegated powers on 9th Nov2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




2.6       DECISION:  17/02544/FUL, Plants Plus, Seaton Burn, NE13 6BU. Proposed Re Roofing existing shop building, replacement of glass elevations with cladding and living walls, re surfacing part of existing car park, demolition of existing entrance/exit canopy and erection of new entrance/pergola and installation of sewage treatment plant.


Permission granted under delegated powers on 7th Nov 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




2.7       DECISION:  17/03116/FUL, The Badger Inn, Ponteland, NE20 9BT. Proposed external works to include new yard gate, provision of lights on fence posts and provision of four ground mounted flood lights


Permission granted under delegated powers on 10th Nov 2017. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  28th November 2017


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