Planning Committee Meeting Minutes




3rd March 2020


Present:  Councillor Mrs S Johnson (in the Chair), Mr S Ahmed and Councillor Mrs K Overbury.


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors: Councillor Mrs K Woodrow, Mr A Hall and Councillor Mr T Edwards-Clay




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


1.1       Application No: 20/00522/FUL, Location: Land to rear of 20 Moor Lane, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9AD, Proposal: Construction of new dwelling to rear of existing dwelling house with new access driveway.

Objection: The committee feels this is an overdevelopment of the land available and the scale of the properties is too large, and we refer to the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan policy H11 tandem and back land development policy H11 proposals for the residential development of land will be refused planning permission if they would result in the following:
“i) unacceptable back land or tandem development which would cause a loss of amenity due to a poor relationship with existing dwellings or garden areas and which creates problems of overlooking, loss of privacy, poor access, difficult servicing, substandard parking and turning facilities, loss of trees or inadequate garden area.”

Ponteland Planning Committee also objects to the proposal as they believe it is contrary to Policy PNP 2 of the Ponteland Neighbourhood plan.
“Development will be supported where it demonstrates high quality and inclusive design. All new development should make a positive contribution to their surroundings. Proposal will be supported where development:
“b) Respect the character of the site and surroundings, in terms of its location, layout, proportion, form, massing, density, height, size, scale, materials and detailed design features.
“e) Will not have an unacceptable adverse impact on the amenities of occupiers and nearby properties.”

Ponteland planning committee believes the proposed houses would be disproportionately large for the site and have an adverse impact on neighbouring properties.
The planning committee would also refer Northumberland County Council to Policy PNP 4.
“Proposals for the development of new and replacement dwellings, as well as extensions to dwellings within the Darras Hall Estate, as defined by the Policies map, will be supported where they conform to the following criteria:
“a) The proposed dwelling or extension should be respectful of the scale and massing and separation of adjacent dwellings and the street scene.”

The Planning Committee received correspondence from Mr Haddon a neighbour at number 24 Moor Lane where he expressed his concerns this proposal would have on his daughter’s health. The Panning Committee would like these concerns to be taken into consideration for this application and they request this application be refused.

1.2       Application No: 20/00525/FUL, Location: 1 The Grove, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9HQ

Proposal: Proposed single storey extension to bungalow and alterations to front porch.


Comment: The Planning Committee has no objection to this proposal but would like the neighbours concerns regarding the single road carriageway and possible construction traffic issues to be taken into account.


The Committee made no comments about the other 7 applications considered.


Agenda Application Correspondence


An email had been received from Mr Haddon regarding the application 20/00522/FUL Land rear of 20 Moor Lane, Darras Hall NE20 9AD.




2.1       DECISION:  19/05011/REM, Plots 5 and 6 Land North of Dyke House, The Avenue, Medburn, Ponteland. Proposed reserved matters application pursuant to planning permission 17/03367/OUT for the development of 1no 2.5 storey dwelling houses with garages.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 25th February 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.2       DECISION:  19/04997/ADE, Northumberland College, Kirkley Hall, Kirkley Hall Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE20 0AQ. Proposed advertisement consent for Monolith aluminium sign.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 21st February 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




3.1       19/04955/COU 10 West Road, Ponteland NE20 9SU. Change of use from A1 to A4 as supplemented by letter from applicant received 20/02/20.


The Town Council had been invited to speak at the Local Area Council Committee Meeting on 9th March 2020 regarding the above application.
The Town Council had made an objection about the proposal and Councillor A Hall agreed to attend and speak at the meeting. NCC planners were recommending approval.




4.1       S. Finneran Electrical Heating and Plumbing Ltd Ongoing.


4.2       Stonebridge Interiors Ongoing.


4.3       Bridgfords Estate Agents Ongoing.


4.4       Signature Estate Agents Ongoing.


DATE OF NEXT MEETING:  17th March 2020




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