Planning Committee meeting 8 September 2015 – Agenda

1 Planning Applications, Ancillary Applications and Tree Preservation Orders

2 Decisions of Applications and Appeals; Withdrawn Applications

3 Any other business


Application No: 15/02715/LBC
Location: The Old Rectory, 1 North Road, Ponteland NE20 9UH
Proposal: Listed building consent for the addition of a new timber and lead canopy above rear door
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Philip Walton
Case Officer: Daniel Puttick 01670 622632 Reply Date: 8/9/15

Application No: 15/02737/FUL
Location: 27 Middle Drive, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9DH
Proposal: Amendment to application 15/00475/FUL – Proposed new roof with dormer windows, family room extension and new front wall and gates
Applicant: Mr Chris Carlington
Case Officer: Richard Laughton Reply Date: 9/9/15

Application No: 15/02755/FUL
Location: 2 Kingsway, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9HF
Proposal: Proposed lounge extension
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Fabrizio Saba
Case Officer: Richard Laughton Reply Date: 14/9/15

Application No: 15/02296/FUL
Location: 8 Parklands, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9LL
Proposal: Ground floor extensions to north, south and east elevations and first floor extensions to provide an additional two bedrooms.
Applicant: Mr & Mrs Loughead
Case Officer: Malcolm Thompson 01670 622641 Reply Date: 16/9/15

Application No: 15/02796/FUL
Location: 27 Main Street, Ponteland NE20 9NH
Proposal: Proposal for temporary siting of a refrigerated storage container between 2 October 2015 – 20 January 2016, 2 October 2016 – 20 January 2017 and 2 October 2017 – 20 January 2018
Applicant: Waitrose
Case Officer: Joanne Wood 01670 625551 Reply Date: 15/9/15