Planning Committee meeting 26 January 2016 – Minutes



Present: Councillor Mrs E Thompson (in the Chair), Councillors A Varley and Mrs C Greenwell

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs S Johnson and Mrs L Noble


A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated

The Committee made no comments about the 9 applications considered.

Other Application Correspondence

15/03830/FUL: Clickemin Farmhouse, Clickemin, Ponteland NE20 9BQ – Rear ground floor lean to pitched roof extension, side ground and first floor extension with new pitched roof creating a new gable & detached garage as amended by revised site layout plan received 21/12/15.

Information provided in connection with 15/04174/COU (Clickemin Farmhouse, Clickemin, Ponteland NE20 9BQ – Change of use of land from agricultural land to residential garden) revealed that part of the area shown as the garden was actually Green Belt agricultural land.
An email had been sent to Malcolm Thompson appraising him of the situation and, subsequently, the applicant had provided further amended drawings excluding the agricultural land and removing the garage and close board fencing.
The Case Officer for 15/04174/COU (Joanne Wood) had also been advised of the situation.


2.1 DECISION 15/03946/FUL amended: Carr House, Berwick Hill, Seaton Burn, Northumberland NE13 6BX – Proposed conversion and extension of existing detached garage into private accessible annex as amended by drawings received 24/12/15.
Permission granted under delegated powers on 20 January 2016.
The Committee had made an objection that this proposal would not result in an ‘annex’ but the development of a separate, one bedroom dwelling and would be an inappropriate form of development within the Green Belt.

An email had been received from Malcolm Thompson (Case Officer) stating that, after following council procedure in considering the proposal along with the Town Council’s representation, it was resolved that the application could be considered under the present scheme of delegation. NCC believed that the situation could be adequately controlled by the imposition of an appropriate condition to the planning permission: condition 6 requires that it remains ancillary to the main house and shall not be used or sold as a separate dwelling.

2.2 DECISION 15/03915/FUL: 55 Middle Drive, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9DN – Demolition of existing bungalow in lieu of new detached two-storey dwelling
Permission granted under delegated powers on 20 January 2016.
The Committee had made a comment: We believe the balcony on the first floor to the rear may cause overlooking and privacy issues.

2.3 DECISION 15/03725/FUL: 236 Western Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9ND – Proposed extension and alterations to dwelling incorporating double garage and first floor loft accommodation and extension to the rear and side and lifting of the ridge and eaves height
Permission granted under delegated powers on 14 January 2016.
The Committee had made no comment about this application.

2.4 DECISION 15/03971/OUT: Land North Of Aldersyde, The Avenue, Medburn – Detached 5 bedroom house and detached double garage
Permission granted under delegated powers on 20 January 2016.
The Committee had made an objection that the proposal contravened Policy MBH2 of the Castle Morpeth District Local Plan and would result in the loss of amenity of adjoining residential properties, as well as the loss of established hedgerows.
NCC resolved that the application could be considered under the present scheme of delegation.


3.1 APPEAL Ref: APP/P2935/W/15/3136778 – NCC Ref: 15/02272/FUL: Medwyn/Westmacot, Street Houses, Ponteland NE20 9BT – Change of use from dwelling to bed and breakfast and construction of two storey reception / bedroom area extension.

Information had been received from NCC that the application, which had been refused planning permission (on 21 August 2015), was to go to appeal, to be decided on the basis of written representations.
The Council was invited to make comments or modify/withdraw its previous response.
The Committee had made the following comment: The proposal would make the building look more imposing and, therefore, would be inappropriate in the Green Belt. Also, the loss of the garden to a highly visible car park would introduce an incongruous feature within the Green Belt.

3.2 15/02891/VARYCO: 9 Bell Villas, Ponteland NE20 9BD – Variation of condition 15 (landscaping) from application APP/P2935/A/12/2169537

A site meeting to discuss the development had taken place with Ian Birkett (Case Officer) and various Ponteland residents.
Copy correspondence had been received from Mr Alan Mee to Building Control, Planning and Guy Opperman MP raising issues concerning the outside decking area.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: 9 February 2016