Planning Committee meeting 1 July 2014 – Minutes


1 JULY 2014

Present: Councillor Mrs E Thompson (in the Chair), Councillors Mrs S Johnson, Mrs L Noble and C Rawlings (ex-officio)

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor A Varley


A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated

1.1 Amended drawings 14/00792/FUL: 86 Eastern Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9RE – Rear and first floor extension of existing 3 bed semi-detached bungalow.

COMMENT: We welcome the amendments and have revised our objection to a comment. However, we still have concerns about the scale and mass, and also that a two storey dwelling is likely to appear incongruous against the current street scene of low level bungalows.

1.2 14/01765/FUL: 55 Middle Drive, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9DN – Construction of a first floor to existing single storey dwelling, including balcony and associated external works, and construction of a new boundary wall and gates to front

COMMENT: We believe the balconies on the first floor to the rear may cause overlooking issues. We welcome the provision of shrubs on the road side of the boundary wall.

1.3 14/01701/FUL: The Beacon, West Thorn, Kirkley, Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 0AG – Construction of new detached triple garage

COMMENT: Is this appropriate development in the Green Belt?

1.4 14/01763/VARYCO: West Thorn Farm, West Thorn, Kirkley NE20 0AG – Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of application CM/20100399

COMMENT: The plans supplied are unclear and we require clarification of the variations proposed.

The Committee made no comments about the other 13 applications considered.

1.5 14/01659/FUL: Close Cottage, Prestwick, Newcastle upon Tyne NE20 9UA –
Construction of single storey extensions to form living room, bedroom, study, sun lounge and kitchen
This application will be considered at the next meeting on 15 July 2014


2.1 DECISION 14/00377/FUL: 21 Meadowvale, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9NF – Proposed two storey extension to side of dwelling to accommodate new garage and sitting room to ground floor and additional bedroom to first floor
Permission granted under delegated powers on 17 June 2014.
The Committee had made no comment about this application.

2.2 DECISION 14/00815/OUT: Land East of Prospect Farm, The Avenue, Medburn – Outline Application – Construction of detached two storey dwelling
Permission granted under delegated powers on 17 June 2014.
The Committee had made no comment about this application.

2.3 DECISION 14/01406/FUL: Squirrel Haven, Medburn NE20 0JB – Alterations to drive way to make it possible to turn vehicles around and remove the need to reverse back and out onto the main road, widening of opening onto main road to improve sight lines and access, new fence, gate and gates posts to provide enclosure to the site as amended by drawings received 17/6/14
Permission granted under delegated powers on 24 June 2014.
The Committee had made an objection about the boundary treatment but this had been overcome by the amendment.

2.4 DECISION 14/00483/FUL: Land North of Furze Hill, Medburn, Ponteland – Replacement of existing stable block outbuildings with a new dwelling
Permission granted by the West Area Planning Committee on 24 June 2014.
The Committee had made an objection that replacement with a new dwelling would be contrary to Green Belt policy.


3.1 APPEAL: APP/P2935/A/14/2217815 – NCC Ref: 13/00132/OUTES: Land at Birney Hill Farm, Stamfordham Road

A copy of the Town Council’s objections to the application had been circulated to Councillors with a request for any amendments or additional comments to be submitted. These comments were discussed and a draft letter drawn up to be sent to the Planning Inspectorate.

RESOLVED – A copy of the draft letter to be sent to Councillors for any further amendments prior to the final statement being sent to the Planning Inspectorate. A copy of the statement to be sent for information to Mark Ketley (NCC Case Officer).