Planning Committee Minutes 31st March 2020




31st March 2020

All face to face meetings have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Councillors viewed and discussed the applications via email. Decisions are listed below.


Present via email:  Councillor Mrs S Johnson (in the Chair), Mrs K Woodrow, Mr A Hall, Mr S Ahmed, Mrs K Overbury and Councillor Mr T Edwards-Clay


All Councillors replied to the list of current applications.




A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated


The Committee made no comments about the 4 applications considered.




2.1       DECISION:  20/00250/FUL, 32 Eland Edge, Ponteland, NE20 9AY. Proposed single storey rear extension and front porch.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 31st March 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.2       DECISION:  20/00006/FUL, 7 Carr Fields, Eland Haugh, Ponteland, NE20 9XR Proposed Removal of existing conservatory. Proposed single storey rear extension and single storey front porch.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 31st March 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.3       DECISION:  20/00013/FUL, 44 Whinfell, Darras Hall, Ponteland, NE20 9EW. Proposed front and rear extension with additional external works including new gate entrance.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 18th March 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.


2.4       DECISION:  19/02878/ADE, Land of former Police HQ, Junction of North Road, Ponteland, NE20. Proposed retrospective advertisement consent, installation of 1no V shaped hoarding board and 4 no flags (amended plans received 3/3/2020)

Permission granted under delegated powers on 26th March 2020. The Committee had made no comment about this application.




3.1       DECISION:  19/01525/ADE, 19 Main Street, Ponteland, NE20 9NL. Proposed advertisement consent for halo illumination letters, projecting sign and rear sign.

Information had been received from NCC that the application, which had been refused planning permission (on 27th November), was to go to appeal, to be decided based on

written representations and the Secretary of State had recovered the appeal to determine it himself.


The Council was invited to make comments or modify/withdraw its previous response.

The Committee made the following objection:

The Planning Committee object to this proposal as it is contrary to the PNP Policy 7: Heritage Assets and Advertisements affecting heritage assets and their settings will only be supported where their size, scale, proportions design colour, position, number, materials and illumination do not detract, either individually or cumulatively, from the significance of the heritage asset or its setting. The Committee concede that the size of the business advertisement in the above application is within that which is allowed in the conservation area but have grave concerns for the larger advertisement hoardings that have already been placed in situ and are currently under an enforcement investigation. The Committee respectfully request that the decision on this application be suspended until it is clarified what the position is on the larger panels already in place; currently without planning permission. Furthermore, guidance for advertisements and heritage assets point 4.30 of the PNP, states the following: – a) Suitably designed illuminated signage will be permitted where such signs advertise goods or services available to the public within evening hours. It is not yet known what the opening hours might be for this business, however it is not usual for a bathroom/kitchen showroom to operate after office hours, therefore Members do not believe that this application fits the criteria for evening illumination within the Conservation Area.


Ponteland Town Council – Further comments (Wednesday 20th November 2019) I have had a response from the Planning Committee and they would like their objection to stand. They feel that the rules for the conservation area are there for a reason and should not be broken as this will only cause a precedent within the town. They believe the lighting from the applicants evening events should be enough to attract people to their property. They also would like to point out that the other premises within the conservation area who do not have Planning permission for illuminated signage have been passed to Planning Enforcement and they will be instructed to remove all illumination or apply for retrospective planning permission, which in turn will be put forward to the Planning Committee. Ponteland Town Councillors feel very strongly about protecting the towns conservation area and will do everything they can to ensure the policies remain enforced.





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