Planning Committee meeting – 4 June 2013


Planning Committee Meeting – 4 June 2013

Present: Councillor Mrs E E Thompson (in the Chair), Councillors P Cowey, R Punton and

C Rawlings

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs S Johnson and Mrs L Noble


A list of planning applications received since the previous Committee meeting had been circulated.

1.1       13/01354/VARYCO: 156 Edge Hill, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9JN – Variation of condition 2 of approved planning application CM/20110010 – Substitution of revised drawings that correct discrepancies in the original submitted drawings – Substitution of approved proposed Site and Roof Plan C604-102 Revision C with new drawing F102 indicating correct position of adjoining property 154 Edge Hill which was originally indicated correctly on the approved Existing Site plan but not on the proposed site and roof plan. Substitution of approved Elevation drawing C604-104 and approved Floor Plans C604-103 with new Elevation drawing F-104 and new Floor Plans F-03 correcting window discrepancies between approved plans and elevations, adding minor additional secondary glazing to East and West elevations and removing approved Ground Floor rear balcony

COMMENT:  We are concerned about overlooking issues from both side elevations.  Also, on the drawing of the ground floor the doors are shown opening outwards through the barrier of the Juliet balcony.

1.2       13/01393/FUL: 111 Western Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9LY – Proposed alterations to existing front garden wall and entrance to drive.

COMMENT: This proposal would undermine the wildlife corridor and have a detrimental effect on the character of the area.

1.3       13/01293/FUL: Medwyn/Westmacot, Street Houses, Ponteland NE20 9BT – Demolition of 2 no. semi-detached dwellings and construction of a three storey, 46 bedroom hotel with ancillary car parking areas and access roads.

OBSERVATION:  This development may create parking issues in the future for neighbouring establishments.

1.4       13/01450/PRUTPO: 119 Runnymede Road, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9HL – Tree preservation order application for removal of four roots from tree in garden approx 60 years old

COMMENT:  We are concerned that the proposed works could be detrimental to the stability and health of the tree, but will accept the Tree Officer’s recommendation.

The Committee made no comments on the other 4 applications considered.


2.1       DECISION 13/00889/FUL: 38 Stonehaugh Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9LX – Proposed repositioning of two obscure glazed bathroom windows

Permission granted under delegated powers on 22 May 2013.

The Committee had made no comment about this application.

RESOLVED – The information be received.

2.2       DECISION 13/00936/FUL: 57 Linden Way, Darras Hall, Ponteland NE20 9JF – Removal of existing conservatory framework down to existing dwarf wall level and installation of new framework, wall and roof.

Permission granted under delegated powers on 22 May 2013.

The Committee had made no comment about this application.

RESOLVED – The information be received.


3.1       Copy letters from Darras Hall Estate Committee (DHEC) to NCC re: Land at Birney Hill Farm

Councillor Peter Cowey had prepared and circulated a draft reply which was discussed and the content agreed by Members; prior to presentation and confirmation at the next Town Council meeting.

3.2       Northumberland Core Strategy: Settlement Services and Facilities Audit Update

The settlement audit details (previously November 2011) were discussed and the current survey data was entered on the supplied pro-forma to be returned to NCC.

There was no further business.