Minutes of Town Council Meeting September 2018




Present:  Councillor A Varley (in the Chair)


Councillors S Ahmed, Mrs C Caisley, R Dodd, Mrs C Greenwell, Mrs S Johnson, Mrs K Overbury, A Shanley and Mrs K Woodrow.



Apologies for absence were received from Councillors L Darwin, T Edwards-Clay and A Hall




The Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 8 August 2018 were submitted for approval.


RESOLVED – The minutes be approved.



Declarations of interest were received from Councillors Ahmed, Mrs C Greenwell and Mrs S Johnson in respect of Minute 75 (ii).



(i)         Minute 59(i) – Grant to Ponteland Memorial Hall

A letter of thanks had been received from the above organisation.


(ii)        Minute 66(ii) – Ponteland Community Trust

A copy of a letter received from the Chairman of the Trust had been circulated.




(i) Planning Committee 

Minutes of meetings held on 24th July and 7th  August 2018 were circulated for information.


(ii) Report on recent planning decisions

There was nothing to report.



(i)         Ponteland Community Partnership

A grant application had been received from the PCP for funds to meet the cost of room hire for their meetings.  This followed a decision taken by the Town Council in July not to allow outside organisations the use of their meeting room.

The Partnership received a grant of £500 in March 2018.

Members expressed concern at agreeing to a grant to fund room hire which they felt may create a precedent and lead to other organisations in Ponteland submitting similar grants.


  1. GRANTS (Continued)

(i)         Ponteland Community Partnership

They therefore felt unable to approve this grant.


RESOLVED – The request be refused for the reason outlined above.


(ii)        Revitalise Respite Holidays

A grant application had been received from the above-mentioned organisation for a grant towards the cost of providing one respite break for a disabled person and their carer in one of their three accessible centres in the UK.

The resident had taken breaks with this company since 2003.  The company had requested the sum of £354 as a contribution towards a break for this Ponteland resident.

The Town Council was concerned that approving a grant for such a purpose could also create a precedent.


RESOLVED –  The request be refused for the reason outlined above.




The projects report had been circulated for the information of Councillors.

Concern was expressed at the lack of progress regarding the land survey.  The Clerk agreed to discuss this with the Town Council’s solicitor and reassured Members that most of the work had been completed.

The Clerk was also asked if it was possible to make progress on the power supply to the Pele Tower in the event of any development taking place at the Verger’s Cottage.


RESOLVED – The report be accepted.


  1. CCTV

(i)         Annual Maintenance Agreement

A report relating to a possible maintenance agreement in respect of the Town Council’s CCTV system had been circulated.

Councillors were reminded of the expenditure agreed in January 2018 to engage a new provider to carry out repairs to the existing CCTV cameras, provide new data links and to purchase a mobile CCTV camera.

The Clerk reported on the current budget position in relation to CCTV.

The company that had carried out the repairs etc had provided costs for a maintenance contract which was set out in the report.

In summary if agreed, the total cost from 1 October until 31 December 2019 would be £4665.57, covering a 15-month period.  Part of this would be funded from the current budget and the remainder from the 2019-20 budget.

The maintenance contract included parts and labour cover on a next business day response time for any faults reported; an annual visit to clean each camera lens, perform an inspection and apply software updates plus an annual visit to the TC offices to ensure the monitoring software was operational and up to date.


  1. CCTV (Continued)


(ii)        CCTV – Merton Hall


Councillors were informed that initial investigation of the possibility of installing CCTV at Merton Hall had been carried out.

The Operations Manager had had initial discussions with the Chairman of the Hall and the scheme would only proceed if the Council were in agreement as well as the Trustees.


It had been suggested that additional CCTV in this location could assist the Town Council with the surveillance of the Main Street park entrance and up towards Merton Way which were key areas for anti-social behaviour.  The Town Council had recently acquired a mobile CCTV unit and staff were working with NCC to arrange for a post to be installed for the camera looking down Merton Way from the One Stop area.


The total cost of installation of 5 cameras at Merton Hall including an internet link back to the TC offices would be in the region of £2177.  However, this was

the maximum price and this could be lower once a more in-depth examination of what was required took place.


It was suggested that the Town Council may wish to fund this installation as Merton Hall had not received a grant for several years.




(i)         The Town Council agreed to take out a maintenance agreement on the CCTV at a cost of £4667.57 covering the period from 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2019.


(ii)        The Council agreed to fund the installation of a CCTV system (5 cameras) at Merton Hall including an internal link back to the Town Council offices at a maximum price of £2177.


Note – Councillors Ahmed, Mrs Greenwell and Mrs Johnson declared an interest in the above and took no part in the voting.




Councillors were reminded that the Clerk and Councillor Mrs Overbury had been asked to work on the above and provide regular updates to the Town Council.


They reported on further discussions with Reverend Allinson in relation to events taking place to mark the commemoration.


 Letters had been sent out to residential care homes in Ponteland offering a small grant towards the cost of organisation of an event for their residents.

Councillor Mrs Overbury had agreed to deliver letters to businesses on Main Street and Bell Villas to request their involvement in decorating their premises with an appropriate theme during November.

Reminders had gone out to the Primary and Middle schools regarding the poster competition.

The ‘there but not there’ Perspex silhouettes had been delivered to each of the five Churches in Ponteland.  Two Silent soldiers had been acquired for the Memorial Hall and would be displayed soon.

Poppies would appear on lampposts on the route of the Remembrance Day parade on or near the 1 November.

Arrangements were in hand for the school service being held on Friday 9th November at St Mary’s Church.  The service would be held at 11.00 a.m. Royal British Legion wooden crosses would be acquired with the names of the fallen from the First World War written on for children to plant in the Garden of Remembrance at the churchyard.  Wreaths would be placed on the three Commonwealth graves in the churchyard on that morning by the Mayor.

For the Sunday morning service, arrangements were in hand to produce the order of service which would be slightly altered for this year.  It was planned to produce a version that could be kept as a keepsake by those attending the event.  It was planned to ask the High School to suggest that two pupils read out the names of the fallen on the Memorial.

The Choir from St. Mary’s would attend the service.  Letters would be sent out to all local organisations in the third week of September.

A suggestion had been made by a member of the Parochial Church Council to have a brass band as part of the parade on the Sunday morning.  Councillors were not in favour of this suggestion and also felt it would be difficult to book a band at such short notice.  A bugler would be in attendance and a suggestion was made relating to having a drummer also in attendance for the Parade.  This would be examined.

Arrangements were in hand for the Beacon lighting on the evening of 11th.  A bugler had been booked, the church bells would be rung, and the Choir would be in attendance.  It had also been suggested that the Ponteland Repertory be asked to attend the event dressed in period costume.

It had not been possible to obtain a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the lighting display on the Church.  It was suggested that projectors such as the domestic type available for Christmas could be used.  Councillor Mrs Johnson agreed to investigate this.

Further details of all the events planned for the weekend would be included in the November edition of PNV.


Councillors were reminded that a commemorative bench had been donated to Ponteland by a fundraiser of the North East War Memorials Project who had raised funds in Waitrose.  The seat was to be installed at the entrance to the Memorial Hall and it was hoped this would be in place before Remembrance

Sunday.  A small dedication service would be organised to take place at the War Memorial.


The Clerk reported on the current budget position for this project.   The commitments to date totalled £1135 leaving £865 remaining in the budget heading.  The costs of the wooden crosses and refreshments for the evening event were still outstanding.  The Clerk was authorised to use her delegated authority to transfer additional funds of up to £500 to this budget heading if required.



(i)         The Council noted the ongoing arrangements outlined in the report and agreed to carry out actions where they had offered to be involved.

(ii)        Councillors be asked to note that the service for children would be held on 9th November at 11.00 a.m. in the event they wished to attend.

(iii)       The information regarding the order of service be noted.

(iv)       The information relating to the commemorative bench installation and

Service be noted.




Councillor Dodd reported that the contracts for the school and leisure complex closed on 14th September and it was hoped that work would begin on the new development in November.

He reminded members that the new Darras Hall Primary school had opened in September and it had been well received by teachers, pupils and parents.

Surface dressing on roads had been delayed due to the unusually hot weather in the summer months.

The work on the car park at the back of Merton Way was progressing.  Some options to provide temporary parking during the work period were being examined.

The County Council’s budget deficit of £65 million had been halved however, there were still £26million of savings to be made over the next year.




The Mayor submitted details of his diary engagements for September and October.

The Mayor reported that he had attended four, 100th birthday celebrations in Ponteland in the last 6 weeks.  All recipients had been female and he felt this statistic was worthy of note.

He reported on the following additions to his diary.  He was attending the NCC Town and Parish Liaison Group on 13th September, The National Citizen Service graduation on 18th September at Newbiggin Leisure Centre and the NCC Town and Parish Council conference on the 11th October.




(i)         Ponteland Community Partnership


Minutes of a meeting of the PCP held on 18 July had been circulated for information.


(ii)        Newcastle International Airport Consultative Committee

Reports from a meeting of the above Committee held on 28th August 2018 had been provided by Councillor Mrs Caisley.




The Accounts Committee approved payments totalling £35,856.93. A copy of the monthly budget report was also circulated, as well as the Bank reconciliation for August 2018.


RESOLVED – The reports be accepted.





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