High Voltage Cable Installation Ponteland

Subject : High Voltage Cable Installation Ponteland


Electricity Reinforcement scheme in your area.  Two new cables to install which will be dedicated feeds from two different Primary Substations.


There is a new 11,000 Volt cable from our Primary Substation located at Newcastle Airport and a new 20,000 Volt cable from another Primary Substation located at Kingston Park, along with these will be Fibre Optic Pilot cables for system communication and telemetry purposes.


The reason for these works is to improve the electricity supply in and around the Ponteland area as it is classed as a Hot Spot Area for the amount of unplanned power interruptions over the years due to the amount of overhead lines carrying the feeds in along with faults and damages on the underground network.


All of the cables follow the same route in along the main road (A696) from the airport, to the substation located at the end of Darras Road (Opposite Natwest Bank, Adjacent to Waitrose)

The Substation will also be getting some major reworking to house new High Voltage Electrical Switchgear.


Our works are currently progressing through Woolsington, This week we have met with Newcastle Airport to discuss working in proximity to their site and also crossing their entrance road using directional drilling techniques and also Northumberland Council.



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