30 March 2015

Councillor C Rawlings (Chairman)

Present – Councillors Mrs C Caisley, P Cowey, Mrs C Greenwell and R G Ramsay


  1. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence.


  1. Minutes of last meeting

Copies of the minutes of the last meeting held on 24 November had been circulated.


  1. Matters Arising

(i)         Landscaping proposal

A plan had been received from Guy Rawlinson which was circulated to the Committee.  Councillor Ramsay would send it out to the rest of the Council with a view to obtaining written comments within the next two weeks.  A copy would be kept in the office and Councillors would be asked to add their comments to that document.

The other items in the minutes had been actioned.


  1. Policy relating to Muslim Burials

A report by the Clerk to the Council had been circulated.

The report set out the background to the various discussions that had taken place regarding the provision of Muslim burials at Prestwick Cemetery.

The Clerk reported on further discussions held with the head of the Muslim community in February.  Details of the level of service that now appeared to be acceptable to the community was included within the report.


A further meeting was being held on 2 April with the officers from the County Council when it was hoped that details of a service to be offered would be discussed.  This would then be brought back to this Committee for a decision.


RESOLVED – That the various issues listed within the report be received and it was noted that a further meeting to confirm the level of service to be offered would be held following the meeting with NCC on 2 April.