Cemetery Committee Minutes 5 Dec 2017






Present – Councillors Mrs C Caisley, C Greenwell, A Shanley and A Varley


  1. Apologies for Absence

An apology for absence was received from Councillor L Darwin and T Edwards-Clay,


  1. Minutes of last meeting held on 20 June 2017

A copy of the minutes had been circulated.


RESOLVED – The minutes be approved.


  1. Matters Arising


No matters arising.


  1. Landscaping project


The Clerk had circulated a report updating members on the current position with the landscaping project.


Members were reminded that it was agreed to complete part of the total scheme in 2017-18 and carry out further works over the next five years up to 2021-2022 depending upon funds being available in the cemetery account.  This was agreed by the Council at their meeting held in March 2017 (Minute 213 refers).

The works for 2018-19 include some works to the shelter and works to improve the paths in the formal part of the Cemetery together with some additional tree planting.  The costs for these works was £19,500.  The works to the paths was important as they were deteriorating.

Once additional information was available in respect of income, the Clerk would produce a report for the March meeting.

Councillor Greenwell suggested coping stones for ashes and pets. The clerk is to investigate this further and present ideas at the next meeting.


(i)         The report be received and a further report be submitted to the March meeting as outlined above.

(ii)        The Clerk investigate the suggestion regarding the use of kerb stone receptacles for ashes for cremated remains and report back to the next meeting


  1. Installation of columbaria and associated matters.


The Clerk had circulated a report on the installation of the columbaria


The Clerk showed members the various options that were available in respect of the columbaria including flower vases, photograph plaques and engravings and the Committee agreed to offer them as an additional fee, details of which would be submitted to the next meeting.

The Clerk mentioned that she also needed to have a meeting with NCC regarding administration of this facility as other Councils did not involve funeral directors in the process.

Councillor Mrs Greenwell stated that she felt the 50 year lease period for remains in the columbaria was too long and felt this needed to be reduced to say 30 or even 20 years.    This would be examined and included within the report.

RESOLVED – The report be accepted and the Committee agree to offering the additional items as outlined above which would be incorporated within a report relating to fees and submitted to the next meeting.


  1. Initial discussion re Cemetery fees for 2018-19.


The Clerk reported that she would be examining the fees for the Cemetery to ensure that sufficient income was being generated to run the Cemetery and also to provide funds for improvements to the facility.

RESOLVED – The information be received and a report be submitted to the next meeting.


  1. First draft of Cemetery leaflet.


The Committee was reminded that former Councillor Ramsay had offered to produce an information leaflet for the Cemetery once he retired from the Council.  This was agreed at the April 2017 meeting.

A copy of the leaflet had been circulated.

Members felt it did not provide enough information about the regulations and suggested that it be re-drafted incorporating some detail regarding the rules of the Cemetery, particularly in relation to decoration on graves and deleting some of the photographs and the directional map on the back.  Members like the example leaflet that had been provided by the Clerk in relation to the columbaria.

It was suggested that NCC should be requested to provide the Clerk of details of anyone making an enquiry about the Cemetery and then this leaflet could be sent to them.

RESOLVED – The leaflet be re-drafted as set out above and submitted to the next meeting for consideration.


  1. Correspondence

There had been no correspondence received.


  1. Any other business



  1. Date of next meeting

The next scheduled meeting would be held on Tuesday 27th March 2018 at 6:30pm.



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